What We Do

Serving alongside Spaniards:

We are currently serving at Iglesia Bautista de Alameda de Osuna under pastor David Rivero. You can visit the website here. We are so grateful to be a part of the ministry here and what God is doing in Madrid. 
Andy helps with the mid-week service and preaches when needed and I look forward to helping with Sunday School when it resumes in the fall. As an extension of our ministries at church we're also involved in discipleship and counseling. Andy is currently teaching Greek in preparation for his classes at the seminary that will begin, Lord-willing, in the fall of 2015. He is helping Spaniards and other missionaries transition an existing seminary to Madrid. He is also working on his doctorate and should be entering the last (and final!) phase this September 2014.
We also travel to a town called Zafra, about four hours Southwest of Madrid, for Bible studies. There is no good evangelical church in the area, so we hold services once every other month with a small group. It is our prayer that God would continue to grow this group and one day send someone to Zafra to work permanently with this group of believers.
One of the things we enjoy the most is friendship evangelism. We'd love to share all of the opportunities and open doors that we've seen, but unfortunately we have to be very discreet in this modern world! We'd hate to betray the confidence of our acquaintances and undermine what God is doing by having them see their names or stories on here! But we are intentionally seeking out opportunities to share the gospel, and God is working.

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