Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from Nauzet

Nauzet is perhaps one of the happiest people in the world right now, but he didn´t used to be. Eleven years ago, Nauzet was sentenced to prison. He was a slave of his sin and his selfish, death-spreading choices lead him to imprisonment. He was angry and bitter, and worse yet, unchanged. But after eight years in prison, God opened Nauzet´s eyes through a prison ministry, and ever since then he has been running hard after the God who ran after him. Several months ago Andy began meeting with Nauzet during his bi-weekly leave time (in Spain, inmates can leave prison every other weekend after serving 25% of their sentence). Nauzet comes to our house for prayer, discipleship, and a home cooked meal provided by Lindsey.  Just a few months ago, around Thanksgiving Day in the  US, Nauzet was baptized, and gave a powerful testimony of the deep, saving grace of God. His mother was in attendance that evening, and although herself not a Christian, she was moved to tears during Nauzet´s testimony. Nauzet´s prison sentence will end very soon, and on a special date--December 25. He has already begun studying for full-time ministry as an evangelist, and is perhaps the only inmate in all of Spain who is studying New Testament Greek! Please pray that Nauzet would grow deeply in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that he would be faithful to God´s calling in his life. Please pray for Andy that he would have the wisdom necessary to disciple Nauzet´s mind and heart for service in God´s kingdom here in Spain.