Thursday, September 19, 2013

US Passport, Spanish ears

Well...we did it. We got Sofia's ears pierced. It's Spanish tradition, and actually by Spanish standards we got it done pretty late. Here to get your baby girls ears pierced, you just go to the pharmacy, and they take care of it for you. After we finished, the pharmacist said, "there, now you don't look like a boy anymore!" When we would go out, (even if she was all in pink!) people would ask if she was a boy, just because she didn't have her ears pierced yet.

Andy's first time preaching in Spain

On another note, for those of you that were praying for Andy Sunday, thank you. It truly was a blessing to see God working through him Sunday as he preached. Here is a link to the recording if you'd like to listen. (Sermon 9/15/2013) Please continue to pray for us as we seek God's direction for future ministry.

September Prayer Update

To the Praise of His Glory

Thank you so much for praying for Darwin! He has decided to make Jesus Christ the Lord of his life. Just this last Sunday he shared his testimony in front of the church after the morning service. Our new prayer for him is that he would be baptized, continue to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, grow in his knowledge of God, and bear fruit to the glory of God. Please continue in prayer with us for him as he grows!
We attended our first week of Family Camp last month. It was very nice to be able to meet more believing Spaniards and become familiar with other congregations in the Madrid area. There were about 100 of us at the camp and several unbelieving families attended. The Gospel message was clear, and we pray that God’s Word would continue to sink deep into their hearts as they think about their week at camp.
As of next week, we will have been in Spain for 10 months. As we get closer to the one year mark, we are so thankful to God for His sustaining grace. The first term, and especially the first year, is a critical time of adjustment. It has definitely been an intense time for us as a family, but we are so thankful to God for seeing us through and allowing us to be involved in fruitful and exciting ministry while we adjusted and settled into life here in Spain. Adjustment into life here isn’t just something we desire so that life will be more “comfortable” or “easier” for us. We know that it is crucial to our longevity and our ability to effectively minister in Spain. We’re looking forward to many more years to come!

Prayer Requests and Praises

Please pray for Ana. Lindsey is attempting to establish meetings with her during the month of September. Please pray for openness on her part and God’s working in her heart and life.
Please continue to pray for future direction and our long-term ministry plans.
Please continue to pray for Zafra. We will be making another trip there next month.
Sofía is now officially a US citizen!
We both have our licenses now, and this has gone a long way toward helping us feel established here in our new home. Thank you for praying for Lindsey’s left foot!

Upcoming Events

September 1-7: Andy is in Belgium for his doctorate studies. September 1: Lindsey begins teaching a primary Sunday School class.
September 15: Andy will be preaching at Alameda de Osuna Baptist Church. This will be his first time preaching here in Spain!!
September 25: Andy will be added to the rotation of men for teaching during the Wednesday evening prayer service at our church.
October 26-27: We will be making another trip to Zafra for a Bible study. November 5: Lindsey will begin leading the women’s Bible study.
November 24-December 1: ABWE Western European missionaries conference in Madeira, Portugal.

Cultural Notes

Do you like bread? Is so, God may be calling you to Spain! While we were at camp, we ate bread four times a day. (The bread is very similar to a loaf of French bread.) We had toasted bread with butter and jelly every morning for breakfast. We ate bread every day with lunch. We had sandwiches on bread for merienda (the afternoon snack). We followed that up with bread with dinner. It’s a good thing we’re not on the Atkins diet!

Sofía at 4 months