Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Much overdue update

Sofía Anastasia Messmer
A lot has happened since our last post!  Here's our baby girl! She was born on  April 2 and weighed in at less than 6 1/2 pounds-much to everyone's surprise. She's making up for lost time though and already weighs over ten pounds. She does really well at night and is finally sleeping in her bassinete!  She usually just gets up once a night, but some weeks (when she puts on an entire pound in one week!) she likes to get up twice.
Things are going very well, and we thoroughly enjoyed the dedication service for Sofía on Sunday. Andy and I were so thankful to have visitors at the service, and each family went home with a children's story Bible that very clearly lays out the gospel. We're praying for God's Word to penetrate each family as they read about God's love for His people.

Andy and I are starting to really feel like we're adjusting to life here in Spain. Andy has his driver's license (!!!) and I've passed the theory portion of the exam. So now I'm in the practical driving classes. (Please pray for my left foot.) These are big steps for us in establishing ourselves and being able to live normal lives here in Spain. We also feel like we're getting a better sense as to what our personal ministries will look like here in Spain, and that's really helping us to feel more rooted in our new home!

Spring has arrived here in Spain, and it's amazing to see all of the people out on the streets and eating at the outdoor cafés.  We had no idea that so many people lived in our town! They're finally all out of their apartments. We're looking forward to a summer in the streets...Sofia permitting.