Saturday, February 9, 2013

Microwave Symbols

We received some  pretty comical responses to our microwave post. I actually asked a Spaniard to come explain them to me, and she took one look at it and rattled off the meaning of every single one. It's amazing to me, how we can ponder it and not figure it out and yet it can be so intuitive for them! Anyway now I know how to use all the settings on the microwave...or so I thought.

I was so excited to use one of the new settings and wanted to try it out last night. Much to our surprise, the three orange wavy lines produced actual orange wavy flames in our microwave! We've aired out the kitchen and were never in any real danger, but Andy still says we're not allowed to use the orange flame settings anymore!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Prayer Update

God's Hand at work in Spain
Since our last update,  God has led us to several individuals in whose life He is already working. This is especially exciting because it has been our prayer, along with many others, that God would lead us to people whom He has been preparing.
Please pray for Tita. She is a woman that Lindsey met at a doctor’s appointment. Lindsey was reading a book (in Spanish) by Nancy Lee DeMoss called Choosing Forgiveness. Tita approached her and asked her what the book was about because she was having a difficult time forgiving some family members of hers, and she knew that she needed help in this area. Lindsey explained that the book dealt with God’s forgiveness of us and how we can only then learn to forgive others. She gave the book to Tita and they decided to have coffee together. After about an hour and a half of conversation, they decided that they would continue to meet. God continues to work on her heart, and it has been exciting to see the small steps that she is making in her understanding of the Gospel. When they first started meeting, she didn’t even believe in sin—she would say, ‘Sometimes we are wrong, but you can’t call that sin.’ She has some serious health problems and knows that she is not ready to meet God; however, she is not yet ready to turn her life over to Him either. She is opening up to the idea of doing a Bible study, but is somewhat skeptical because she doesn’t understand the Bible and doesn’t always like what it says when she does understand it. Please continue to pray for wisdom and clarity in Lindsey’s presentation of the gospel to Tita.
Please also be in prayer for a young man named Darwin (yes, Darwin). He has been attending our church for several months because his mother drags him there every Sunday, but he has shown very little interest in knowing God. Andy invited him to begin a Bible study together and, after being assured that after the Bible study he would not have to go around town knocking on doors in a dress shirt(!), he agreed. Andy has presented the Gospel to him on a couple of occasions, and Darwin has been misinformed about much of what the Bible teaches. At the latest Bible study, Andy found out that Darwin was afraid to surrender his life to God because he might sin afterwards. They have worked through some important issues together, and currently Darwin is in the process of counting the cost of becoming a disciple of Christ. He knows he will have to change his life, and he is deciding if he wants to do so or not. Please pray that the sin he cherishes will become hideous in his eyes, and that he will look to Christ for true life.

Prayer Requests and Praises
We were able to have lunch with the family that lives above us. Please continue to pray for the development of this relationship. Since they invited us for lunch first, we will now get to host them in our home!

We are now official Spanish residents!! (Unfortunately that means we lost our International Driver’s License, and now we can’t drive until we pass the ridiculously hard driving test.)

Please be in prayer for the re-launch of our children’s youth program “La Zona” (The Zone), which will be starting this month. We are trying to reach un-churched teenagers in our neighborhood.

Things continue to go well with the pregnancy, and we look forward to welcoming SofĂ­a into our family in early April.

Cultural Notes
This month’s cultural note involves appliances. We’ve noticed that most home appliances here have very few words or numbers on them and lots of pictures. This seems to work fine for the Spaniards, because they understand all the symbols! We can make out some of them, but others are a little less intuitive. Do you have any guess on the following symbols? (We’re especially stumped on the orange ones!) Hint: This is a picture of the power settings from our microwave.