Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Kings Day

We just celebrated our first Three Kings Day here in Spain on January 6. On January 5, along with some families from our church, we went to the local cabalgata, which is like a parade for the three kings. Spaniards celebrate the wise men that brought the three gifts to Jesus. There's a parade in the evening of the 5, and that night the wise men come into the house to leave presents for all of the kids that have behaved well that year. (Sound familiar?) So on January 6, all of the children wake up to see what the three kings have left them. Here are some pictures of the cabalgata to give you an idea of what it was like.

King Baltasar

King Melchor

King Gaspar

Andy and I enjoyed the roscón after the cabalgata. It's like a sweet bread in the shape of a ring. There's a toy hidden somewhere in the cake, and it's supposed to be good luck for whoever finds it. It was in my piece!

Home Sweet Home

 Well, here is a glimpse into our apartment here in Spain. For a close-up view, you're invited to come for a visit!
Entryway and dining room

Living room



Andy's Office

Sofía's Room